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All About Art

ArtQuake, the name of our brand, is also a description of our life’s journey. A reflection on how unimaginable events can change your life forever, and in the face of adversity you can choose how to paint your own path forward and connect with the world by sharing you vision.

I always wanted to shake things up with my art— to create one of a kind personalized pieces that combine my background as a Haitian artist, with today’s trends in fashion and street wear. — Alyn 


Connecting People to Custom Wear

In 2017 our brand was started by Alyn Defay, who is the designer behind most of our pieces and the director of our creative process. When looking at our art, you will find many beloved elements of our Haitian culture - scenes that remind us of home. 
After facing the life changing earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, Alyn moved to NYC.


He later on started working with a few unknown artist - painters from his hometown of Port-au-Prince and then decided it was time to start painting on clothing to create personalized pieces. Thus, ArtQuake was born.

This Is Us

Our brand has evolved, and, in the process, we have connected with a community of people that appreciate original and unique pieces. We pride ourselves in creating limited collections that can be a forever classic in someone’s wardrobe. Initially we started out by producing customized denim jackets and hats, to now having a larger collection available with more options for our customers.


By having both options available, we hope to connect with more people that share our vision and would enjoy wearing our art. Our pieces are hand painted and each piece is unique— to us, a denim jacket or a Hat is our canvas. It inspires us to see our community of supporters wearing our art. We have expanded into accessories and collectibles as well, hoping to provide an array of options for everyone’s unique style.

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